Effective date: 12/26/2017

Spotcashtoday.com which is an online loan advertising service and by no means lends money by itself. We work with a network of legit direct lenders who get in touch with the borrowers through their applications on this website.

By completing and submitting an application form, you allow Spotcashtoday.com to process the information and send it to the direct lenders from our network. The information is used to match a borrower’s needs with a lender’s offer.

Since Spotcashtoday.com is not a lender, nor a loan broker, we cannot influence the lender’s decision of loan offer. Although we do our best to find a suitable lender for each of our applicants, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome. The lenders we work with have their own terms and conditions. They also operate with different standards for accepting loan requests. They are free to establish APRs as high as they consider appropriate, except for the states where loans are capped.

Please note that some states may not accept certain types of loans. Check out if your state approves the type of loan you want to request before applying. Please read the loan offer before agreeing to it. Keep in mind that everything written in a loan offer, even the fine print, will be applicable at a certain point and you will have to comply with it. If something is disturbing or unclear in the loan offer, do not sign it before clearing things out. Feel free to reject it if you feel that it is somehow abusive or illegal.

Shall you have any questions regarding the loan offer received from one of the lenders, please contact the lender and express your uncertainties. Be ready for the fact that our lenders may perform a soft or hard credit check before forwarding a loan offer. The credit check is meant to verify the information that you have provided in the loan application form.